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Social Media Marketing that Builds Your Brand and Generates New Clients

If you’re searching for an agency that does social media marketing for roofing companies, you found us! Roofing Marketing Plus has over 10 years of experience advertising for roofing companies on Facebook and Instagram. Let us help you build your brand with proven social media advertising methods.

We’ve tested and perfected our ad campaigns, and know what works, and what doesn’t. Our social media advertising for roofers is designed to target the right audience, while growing your brand and generating quality leads along the way.

social media marketing for roofing companies

Get In Front of the Right Audience, At the Right Time, With Our Expert Social Media Marketing Solutions for Roofers

Branded Social Media Advertising

Professionally managed campaigns

Reach The Right Audience

Generate Exclusive Leads

Effective Social Media Advertising For Roofers

  • Let Roofing Marketing Plus handle your social media advertising and maximize lead generation!

  • Maximize your advertisement ROI with professional social media ad management

  • Target your niche audience among the billions of social media users

  • Get high-converting copywriting and graphic design services from experienced pros

  • rack your real-time progress using key metrics and watch your local business grow

Social Media Advertising For Roofers

We Create Social Media Ads That Build Your Brand And Generate Leads

When it comes to roofing, social media marketing can make a massive difference in engaging potential customers, converting leads, and growing your business. Search engines no longer represent the only way to attract qualified leads online. 

Many social media platforms offer business owners paid advertising to get their names in front of more potential clients. These paid ads provide effective channels for service-based businesses, including roofing companies, to fill their sales pipelines and grow their local businesses.

In addition to making social media posts, if your company isn’t taking advantage of paid social media ad platforms, you’re missing out on a massive pool of users searching for high-quality services on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

We Maximize Lead Flow

As a roofer, you need a social media marketing team that understands your industry and how to leverage ads for maximum conversions. Here at Roofing Marketing Plus, we’ve been providing social media advertising services exclusively to U.S. roofers for over a decade. We know what it takes to thrive in the roofing industry through paid ads on sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Our expert team of social media advertising experts create Facebook and Instagram ads that convert. We know how to target key audiences and meet potential customers where they are within their buying journeys. Trust us with your paid social media advertising, and we’ll take advantage of the vast earning potential to bring your roofing business to the next level. 

How Does Social Media Advertising Work?

Facebook and Instagram ads offer a pay-per-click model (PPC). This provides a cost-effective advertising solution when experienced professionals like our Roofing Marketing Plus team leverage it. In this model, advertisers only pay when users click on their Facebook or Instagram ads.

Social Media PPC ads make it simple to track performance metrics, target custom audiences, optimize ad imagery and copy, test ad performance, and maximize your return on investment (ROI). 

What Are the Leading Roofing Social Media Ad Platforms?

The Facebook PPC platform offers roofing business owners highly customizable ad options, competitive ad prices, tons of audience demographic information, and control over their budgets. Advertisers choose their target audiences based on geography, interests, demographics, and behavior. Ads also include photos and text to help roofers engage with users more efficiently.

Roofers not taking advantage of Facebook advertising opportunities miss out on one of the web's best platforms for roofing contractors. This popular social media platform boasts almost three billion users and offers local roofers an effective method for reaching local leads. 

The Facebook advertising platform also includes Instagram paid ads, another affordable and customizable ad option. Roofing companies that take advantage of Instagram ads enjoy more conversions and better brand visibility, among other benefits.

Your roofing social media marketing experts at Roofing Marketing Plus know how to create, test, and restructure paid ads on social media platforms to maximize lead generation and ROI. Our experienced copywriters and graphic designers create top-quality roofing ads on Facebook and Instagram that provide our clients with consistent results.

Tracking the Success of Our Roofing Social Media Ads

We’ve created 1000’s of ads for roofing companies and know exactly what works, and what doesn’t. Our team will measure progress by tracking the appropriate metrics, including:

  • Cost per impression: The amount the advertiser pays for each ad view
  • Cost per click: The amount the advertiser pays each time a user clicks on the ad
  • Click-through rates: A measurement of how many ad viewers click on the ad
  • Cost per conversion: The amount the advertiser pays per conversion

At Roofing Marketing Plus, we create high-performing paid ad campaigns to help our clients attract more potential customers, improve their ROIs, and maximize conversions at affordable prices.

Why Your Roofing Company Should Be Using Our Professional Social Media Marketing Services

Many business owners lack the marketing experience and time required to manage social media advertising successfully, and that’s where professional services like Roofing Marketing Plus come in. If you hire our marketing team to handle your Facebook and Instagram PPC campaigns, you won’t have to worry about the minutiae of doing social media ads in-house.

We’ll take care of the entire process, including:

  • Conducting market and competitor analysis
  • Using data-driven strategies to create high-converting ad campaigns
  • Targeting the ideal audience for your roofing company
  • Creating engaging and high-performing ad copy and images
  • A/B testing ads to determine the best-converting campaigns
  • Tracking ad campaign performance and constantly improving strategies

Trust Roofing Marketing Plus With Your Social Media Advertising

If you’re a roofing contractor, social media marketing by Roofing Marketing Plus can help you reach more potential customers and turn them into successful conversions.

Our experienced marketing professionals don’t offer false promises or gimmicky services. We offer honest and effective digital marketing services to help U.S. roofers increase online lead generation, drive conversions, and transform their companies into thriving businesses. 

Some roofing social media marketing companies quote ridiculously high amounts for their paid ad services, but at Roofing Marketing Plus, we believe in providing honest service at a fair price. Request a quote from us online to discover how we can help grow your roofing business!

Satisfied Customers

Josh B.
Josh B.Roofing Contractor
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Working with Roofing Marketing Plus was a great experience. They are extremely knowledgeable and offer fantastic customer service. I highly recommend Roofing Marketing Plus!
Joey H.
Joey H.Roofing Company
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We have been working with Roofing Marketing Plus for 3 years. Aaron Oder has effectively grew our online presence in two markets, which has generated leads. I have and will recommend Roofing Marketing Plus.
Aaron N.
Aaron N.Roofing Contractor
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We’ve worked with Roofing Marketing Plus and Aaron Oder for several years now and had tremendous results in both lead generation and overall web/search presence in our markets. Aaron delivers a top notch product quickly, and is extremely responsive to any questions.
Tobias T.
Tobias T.General Contractor
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Roofing Marketing Plus did a excellent job on my website. Super knowledgeable at website design and answered any question or concerns I had. I strongly recommend them to anybody looking for a website or any other internet based marketing.

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