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Search Engine Optimization that Will Outrank OTHER ROOFERS For The BEst Keywords

If you’re looking for trustworthy search engine optimization services for your roofing company, we can help! Roofing Marketing Plus has optimized 100’s of roofing websites over the last 10 years!

When you partner with us, you’re hiring roofing SEO experts, not some random marketing agency. Our team of roofing search engine optimization specialists know exactly how your customers are searching online, and how to get your business in front of them.

Our SEO services for roof companies is affordable, reliable, and proven to drive quality leads for years to come. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Count On Our Team of Roofing SEO Specialists To Create Valuable Content That Drives Bottom of the Funnel Traffic to Your Website.

Deploy Proven Roofing SEO Strategies

Rank For Valuable Roofing Keywords

Position Your Brand for Extreme Visibility

Generate High Quality Roofing Leads

Dominate Your Competition Online

Build Your Brand, Generate More Leads, and Increase Revenue With OUR Effective SEO for Roofers

  • Rank of the first page of Google for local roofing searches
  • Attract more organic traffic without paying for it
  • Optimize your website’s conversion rate & capture more leads
  • Long-term return on investment, well worth the wait
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Outrank Other Roofers in Your Market

You’re in a highly competitive industry vying for local clients. Even if you provide the most outstanding roofing services, you’ve gotta get your name and reputation out there. To get more leads and clients, you need higher visibility

That’s why you need to call our team at Roofing Marketing Plus. We’ve been providing professional SEO for roofers for over a decade. We know how to make you stand out from other local roofing companies. We get results!

While roofing SEO can achieve powerful, lasting results, it’s a long game to get leads and hires. A local SEO campaign may run for several months before it starts generating ROI. For an instant revenue boost, we can incorporate pay-per-click (PPC) ads in addition to your SEO strategy.  

outrank roofers with seo

Our Roofing SEO Services

SEO for roofers includes all the strategies that help your website rank higher in search engines. At Roofing Marketing Plus, we implement a multi-pronged, long-term approach to SEO that generates lasting results.

Website Performance Optimization

The goal of every SEO campaign is driving traffic to your website—but your site’s performance will decide whether a potential customer hires you. A slow-loading site or a contact form that hides at the bottom of the page may cost you a client.  

To improve your website’s conversion rates, we may:

  • Enhance your website design, including a color scheme that grabs the viewer’s attention and aligns with your brand
  • Improve the visibility of key information, like your phone number and service areas
  • “Break up” unexciting text with images and videos
  • Work to boost page speed on all devices
  • Optimize your site for mobile users, including page layout and clickable phone numbers

Keyword Research

Our keyword research services help you rank for relevant keywords at every stage of your target client’s funnel–targeting people looking for roofing services right now plus local homeowners who may need a roofer down the road.

When your potential clients use Google, they may search for:

  1. “Affordable roofers near me”
  2. “Roofing contractors in [City], [State]”
  3. “Shingle/metal/clay roof replacement”

The above keywords are typical for users having a commercial or transactional intent. However, your target customers may also run more informational searches, like:

  1. “Slate roof pros and cons”
  2. “When to schedule a roof inspection”
  3. “How to prep roof for winter”

On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

To rank higher, roofer websites need both efficient on-page SEO and off-page SEO. We usually target on-page SEO first—we’ll audit and optimize your web pages before focusing on listings, backlinks, and mentions.

Our SEO strategies for roofers cover both on-page and off-page SEO.

  • On-page SEO involves optimizing all your website’s existing pages for content quality, page speed, title tags, meta descriptions, internal links, and more.
  • Off-page SEO focuses on getting more authority and exposure for your business through backlinks, social media mentions, your Google My Business listing, and any listings in relevant local directories.

Target Content Creation

Our writers specialize in writing roofing content that will increase targets and leads. We create blog posts and videos that establish your authority, attract readers, and nurture organic sharing.

We brand you as a local roofing authority. People who read your roofing blog aren’t necessarily looking to hire a roofer right now, but when they need a roofing project, they’re more likely to remember your name and contact you.

Encourage users to spend more time on your website. Offering relevant quality content gets users to stay on your site longer, which prompts Google’s indexing algorithm to increase your ranking.

Get more organic shares. When you publish genuinely useful, locally oriented information and tips, people may share your content with no prompting. That’s free marketing and endorsement.

White Hat Link Building

When your roofing website gets backlinks from high-authority websites, it shows Google that your site is credible and offers quality information, which helps improve your rankings. We are white-hat marketers who always use ethical techniques.

Some unscrupulous SEO agencies use black-hat tactics like massive link purchasing to boost a site’s ranks. Such shady practices may harm your authority and cause Google to penalize your website. At Roofing Marketing Plus, we only use genuine, quality-focused link-building methods like:

  • Creating original and useful content that encourages linking
  • Requesting links from relevant industry authorities
  • Pitching guest posts to popular home improvement blogs

Why Choose Our Roofing SEO Company?

At Roofing Marketing Plus, we focus exclusively on SEO for roofers across the U.S. We leverage our deep roofing industry knowledge and expertise to create SEO campaigns that deliver results. We provide:

  • Laser-focused SEO for your niche and area

  • A team that knows which SEO strategies work best for roofers

  • Access to real-time reports

  • Full transparency

  • Competitive prices

increase website traffic with seo

SEO Pros Serving Local Roofing Contractors

Whether you’re a seasoned roofer or just starting your local roofing company, your business needs strategic SEO for roofers. At Roofing Marketing Plus, our goal is helping roofing companies rank higher in Google, get more leads, and boost revenue.

Ready to propel your roofing business forward? Request a quote today. We serve clients nationwide.

Our customers find us amazing.

Jonathan L.
Jonathan L.General Contractor
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Roofing Marketing Plus has been an internet marketing concierge for my business. They know websites, SEO, and web marketing strategy better than the rest. My company initially tried to educate ourselves in an effort to stay lean, but we quickly learned that an investment in Roofing Marketing Plus would bring our products to market more quickly, professionally, and safely than our educated guesses.
Molly H.
Molly H.General Contractor
Read More
I’m extremely happy with the support we’ve had from Roofing Marketing Plus. We’ve worked with them for several years and are impressed with how our website ranks in a crowded marketplace. With so many out there making big promises and claiming to be SEO experts, these guys simply cut to the chase and call it like it is. And they consistently over-deliver on expectations.
Joey H.
Joey H.
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We have been working with Roofing Marketing Plus for 3 years. Aaron Oder has effectively grew our online presence in two markets, which has generated leads. I have and will recommend Roofing Marketing Plus.
Eric S.
Eric S.General Contractor
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Aaron provides over and above the best SEO services. our site has grown by tens of thousands of visitors per month. Aaron will go over and above your expectations...5 years later our site is rolling....
Karl P.
Karl P.General Contractor
Read More
For any of you needing website/SEO work done I highly recommend Aaron and his company Roofing Marketing Plus. Incredibly responsive and phenomenal results! I’ve wasted so much money over the years on people and companies that promised SEO results (“We’ll get you to the front page of Google! “) and couldn’t deliver jack squat.

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