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Industry Leading Roofing PPC Services That Generate Immediate ROI For Our Clients

Pay Per Click campaigns can be amongst the most powerful marketing tools you have, harnessing the power of the worlds biggest search engines to drive results for your business.

We are experienced in building strategies and campaigns that really work, time and time again.

ppc advertising for roofers

Proven Pay Per Click Advertising for Roofers. Hassle Free, Immediate Return on Investment.

Get an advantage on your competition

Target Profitable Keywords

Improve Brand Visibility & Awareness

Reach New Customers Immediately

Capture High Quality Roofing Leads

We Are Roofing PPC Specialists

  • We customize our roofing PPC services to your business’s services.
  • We have a decade of experience managing PPC marketing exclusively for roofing companies.
  • We know your market inside and out and how to achieve high client conversion rates.
roofing ppc specialists

Paid Advertising Offers Instant Return on Investment For Roofers

It takes time and SEO skills to rise to the top of search engine results (SERPs) organically. While that is important, our approach to roofing PPC services gets you there immediately.

We craft your custom pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for your unique business. We geofence ads to the exact locations you’re targeting and only run ads for the specific work you do. 

Our team has over a decade of experience managing PPC campaigns exclusively for roofing companies, and we’re ready to get to work for you. 

full service ppc advertising for roofing companies


Our roofing PPC services tailor the keywords you target in your PPC campaign to your specific services (roofing, siding, gutters, etc.). We also restrict the ads to your location to market your business to customers already searching for roofers. These practices increase the quality of the leads that click on your Google ad and result in a higher conversion rate. 

Ad Copy

Our team has over a decade of experience creating custom copy for roofing Google ads. Our copy will call your potential customers to act and direct them to a relevant landing page where they can learn about your services and convert to become paying customers.

Landing Page

With each ad linked to a landing page that encourages the user to schedule service, your conversion rate will explode along with your business. Our skilled team will review your results regularly to ensure maximum return for your roofing business.  

What Is PPC for Roofing Companies?

PPC is an acronym for pay-per-click advertising. Search engines promote your advertisement in exchange for a fee for each click your ad generates. 

The most effective way to gain customers is to construct an effective advertising campaign. Last century that might mean naming your business “AAAA Roofing Contractor” so that your company sits at the top of the Yellow Page listings. In today’s modern world, success means rising to the top of search engine results when homeowners in your city search for a “roofer near me.”

There are two main ways to obtain the coveted spots at the top of Google. First, you need a website that is search engine optimized. Second, you need an effective pay-per-click campaign. 

Climbing to the top of SERPs’ organic rankings is difficult and takes time. Pay-per-click advertising allows you to appear at the top of the results instantly. Since you pay a fee for each click, you need a focused campaign by experienced roofing marketers.

Why Do I Need a Full-service PPC Management Team?

Although you can pay your way to the top of Google, it is more complex than it sounds. Keep a few things in mind before taking on the challenge of running your PPC campaign. To successfully manage a PPC campaign and enjoy a high client conversion rate, you should understand that:

  • Competition with other roofing companies remains fierce. 
  • You need to match your keywords to your services to boost your conversion rate.
  • Your ad needs to be geographically dependent to focus on customers who need roofing services in your area.
  • Your ad copy and landing page need to reflect your ad and call upon the visitor to act.

These steps are time-consuming and require experience and maintenance to achieve effectively. Your competition is likely out repairing roofs and allowing a management team to run their PPC campaign. Not all PPC options are the same. You want to ensure you spend your advertising dollars on the sites most likely to reach customers looking for your services. 

Instead of trying to do it all alone, let us take over PPC ads for your roofing company.

You can get back to running your business and satisfying customers who find you through our targeted ads.

Why Choose Roofing Marketing Plus for PPC for Roofers?

When you need digital marketing services, turn to the team who focuses exclusively on roofing SEO: Roofing Marketing Plus. Roofers across the US choose us because we offer:

Experience. Our team members are certified by Google and constantly honing their skills with additional training. We’ve managed many successful PPC campaigns, and we work exclusively on PPC for roofers. As a result, we are familiar with your market and have the expertise to achieve and maintain a high conversion rate.  

Customization. No two customers are the same, and we tailor each PPC campaign we manage. This includes a unique keyword selection, ad copy, and fine-tuning landing pages to attract the customers you seek for your services.

Cost-effectiveness. We deliver roofing PPC services that fit your budget. We tailor your campaign to ensure only viable customers click on your link to keep your costs in check. 

The bottom line: until your site begins to rank organically near the top of SERPs, PPC is the best option for your advertising dollars. 

Put our experienced team to work for you. With over a decade of experience exclusively in the roofing PPC marketing space, we have the know-how to maximize your marketing dollars. We offer flexible plans and regularly review your results with you, so you know the exact value of our roofing PPC services.

Our customers find us amazing.

Aaron N.
Aaron N.Roofing Contractor
Read More
We’ve worked with Roofing Marketing Plus and Aaron Oder for several years now and had tremendous results in both lead generation and overall web/search presence in our markets. Aaron delivers a top notch product quickly, and is extremely responsive to any questions.
Martin F.
Martin F.General Contractor
Read More
In two years with Roofing Marketing Plus, we went from essentially no self generated leads to where almost 50% of our business is from SEO and Google PPC. I could write a book on how impressed I’ve been with Aaron.
Mark C.
Mark C.Roofing Contractor
Read More
Roofing Marketing Plus has had an incredibly positive impact on our company. We’ve been working with Aaron Oder for 4 years now, he transformed our business. Among a forest of false promises and scammers, Roofing Marketing Plus is a shining light that delivers on their promises. I don’t write good reviews for many but I’m ecstatic to be able to write this one.
Jon H.
Jon H.Roofing Contractor
Read More
I’ve used Aaron and his team for about 6 months. Aaron is extremely knowledgeable and has been a tremendous assets to me while starting my business. He has managed all our PPC and built our website. I am excited about continuing to grow so I can bolt on his SEO services. Aaron is always accessible and takes his time to explain anything he is doing in as much detail as you’d like to understand. I cannot recommend him enough if you are looking for a expert to help your company grow online.

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