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How Much Does SEO Cost For Roofing Contractors?

Why SEO is Important for Roofing Companies

At Roofing Marketing Plus, we know SEO (search engine optimization) is of utmost importance for roofing contractors in today’s digital landscape. With more and more people turning to search engines like Google to find local businesses and services, a strong online presence can make a significant difference in attracting potential customers. By implementing our effective Roofing SEO strategies, contractors can improve their website’s visibility in search engine results, increase organic traffic, and ultimately generate more leads and conversions.

Search Engine Optimization allows contractors to optimize their website’s content, keywords, and structure to align with what their target audience is searching for. It also helps build credibility and trust with search engines, resulting in higher rankings and improved online visibility. With the highly competitive nature of the roofing industry, investing in SEO enables contractors to stay ahead of their competitors and establish a strong online presence that drives business growth.

If your business is struggling to get traffic online, contact Roofing Marketing Plus for a free SEO consultation and estimate for service. We want to learn more about your roofing business and how we can grow together!

Factors Affecting SEO Costs in the Roofing Industry

Location and Market Competitiveness

Factors Affecting SEO Costs in the Roofing Industry

The location of a roofing contractor’s business plays a significant role in determining SEO costs. Areas with high population densities or intense competition among roofing contractors tend to have higher SEO costs. For example, roofers in Houston are going have higher search engine optimization costs than roofers in Hoover, AL. This is because more effort and resources are required to rank in crowded search results and target specific local keywords.

In less competitive cities, SEO costs may be comparatively lower due to reduced competition and less complex optimization requirements. In other words, some markets may have less competition and require a smaller budget.

Scope of Work and Services Required

Scope of SEO Work and Services Required

The scope of work and services desired by a roofing contractor directly impact SEO costs. Some contractors may want a comprehensive SEO strategy that includes website optimization, content creation, link building, local citations, and ongoing maintenance. Such a broad range of services typically involves higher costs.

Alternatively, contractors with specific SEO needs or limited budgets may want a more focused approach, which can be more cost-effective but may not deliver the same results. The complexity and depth of the desired SEO for roofers will influence the overall cost.

Size and Goals of the Roofing Contractor’s Business

The size and goals of a roofing contractor’s business also affect SEO costs. Larger roofing companies often require more extensive SEO efforts due to their broader target audience, multiple service areas, or greater online competition. Additionally, the business goals of the roofing contractor play a role. If the goal is to dominate local search results and capture a significant market share, a more comprehensive and aggressive SEO strategy may be necessary, which could incur higher costs. Conversely, smaller contractors with narrower goals may focus on more targeted and cost-effective SEO approaches.

Understanding these factors is crucial for roofing contractors when budgeting for search engine optimization services. By considering location, market competitiveness, scope of work, services required, and business size and goals, contractors can have a better understanding of the cost to do SEO, and select a package that aligns with their specific needs and budget.

Average Costs for SEO Services for Roofers

How Much Does SEO Cost For Roofing Contractors

Monthly Retainer Fees

SEO services for roofers are typically offered through monthly retainer fees. The range of fees for these services can vary, with most falling between $1,500 to $5,000+ or more per month. The specific fee within this range is influenced by several factors that determine the complexity and scope of the SEO work required.

  1. Range of Fees: The range of monthly retainer fees reflects the diversity of SEO services available to roofers. At the lower end of the range, contractors can find packages that provide essential optimization and maintenance services. On the higher end, more comprehensive strategies may include extensive keyword research, content creation, link building, technical optimizations, and ongoing monitoring and reporting.
  2. Factors Influencing the Fee Range: Several factors impact where a roofer falls within the fee range. The competitiveness of the local market, the size of the target audience, the complexity of the website, and the specific goals of the roofing contractor all influence the pricing. Roofers operating in highly competitive areas or seeking significant online visibility and lead generation may opt for higher-priced packages that offer more extensive and specialized SEO efforts.


In most cases, digital marketing agencies will have a minimum monthly package. So if you are wondering what does the average roofing contractor pay for SEO, that may vary. At Roofing Marketing Plus, our monthly SEO costs for roofing companies starts out at $1,500 with a 6 month minimum agreement.

Typical Monthly Retainer Fees for Small to Medium-Sized Roofing Contractors

For small to medium-sized roofing contractors, the typical monthly retainer fees of digital marketing agencies in the USA generally ranges from $1,500 to $3,500. This estimated range represents the average pricing for contractors in this size category.

  1. Estimated Range – Within this range, contractors can expect to find service packages that offer a comprehensive SEO strategy. These packages often include on-page optimization, content creation, local SEO, citation building, link acquisition, technical audits, and ongoing performance tracking and reporting.
  2. Considerations for Pricing Variations – While the estimated range provides a baseline, it’s important to consider that pricing variations can occur. Factors such as the agency’s expertise, reputation, and experience, as well as the scope of work and level of customization required by the roofing contractor, can influence the final price. Additionally, some agencies may offer tiered pricing structures or customizable packages to accommodate specific budgets and goals.


When selecting an SEO service provider, roofing contractors should carefully evaluate the services included in each package and consider the potential return on investment (ROI). It’s crucial to choose a provider that understands the unique needs of the roofing industry and can deliver effective strategies to improve search engine rankings, drive organic traffic, and generate exclusive leads and conversions.

For over 10 years, Roofing Marketing Plus has been delivering the highest quality SEO services for roofing companies. Give us a call today to speak with a representative (561) 285-2922.

Let Roofing Marketing Plus Handle Your SEO Campaign

SEO is a vital component for the success of today’s roofing companies. By investing in search engine optimization services with Roofing Marketing Plus, roofing contractors will enhance their online visibility, attract more targeted traffic to their websites, and ultimately generate a higher volume of leads and conversions. Factors such as location and market competitiveness, the scope of work and services required, and the size and goals of the contractor’s business influence the costs associated with SEO services. That’s why Roofing Marketing Plus provides free SEO consultations and estimates for roofers in the USA!

By choosing the right SEO service provider and investing in effective strategies, roofing companies can gain a competitive edge in the digital landscape and achieve significant business growth. Contact the experts at Roofing Marketing Plus now!

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